Membership Categories

Animal Behaviour and Training Council membership is open to all professional organisations with a stake in the  ethical training of, and bringing about behaviour change in, animals kept in association with humans in the UK.

There are a number of different categories of membership of the ABTC.

Practitioner Organisation

Practitioner organisations are those that directly represent practitioners of animal training and behaviour therapy. Each Practioner Organisation has one vote at general meetings. Membership fee £220 annually.

Practitioner Organisation Membership Form Part 1

Practitioner Organisation Application Guidance

Advisory Organisation

Advisory organisations are those that are animal welfare related stakeholders but do not directly represent practitioners. Each Advisory Organisation has one vote at general meetings. Membership fee £220 annually. 

Advisory Membership Application Form

Supporting Organisation

Supporting organisations are similar to Advisory organisations although they have a much reduced membership fee and although they may take part in discussions and consultations they do not have any voting rights. Membership fee £50 annually.

Supporting Membership Application Form



ABTC trustees are automatically made individual members and have one vote each at general meetings. Other individuals can only be members by invitation of the ABTC and they must have a particular skill or specialist knowledge that will benefit the work of the Council. Individual members that are not trustees do not have voting rights.

Applications are always welcome.

Membership Renewal

Membership is renewed annually and is conditional upon member organisations continuing to meet the ABTC membership criteria and payment of their annual renewal fee.